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Default Re: Why the Hell isn't Anyone Talking about Miloš Teodosić?

Originally Posted by Lord P
He’s 30. The Clippers version of Marcelo Huertas.

He's so much better than Huertas it isn't even funny.

A closer comparison, well better, would be Prigioni, though, I believe Pablo was like 38 when he debuted.

Originally Posted by Kawhi m8
He looks okay and can pass, but he's scored 4 points total in 2 games.

Still better than Austin Rivers tho

He's shooting 1-8 from the field right now, only 4 shots per game. Once he gets more comfortable, he'll up it to about 8 per night and will probably end up shooting around a solid 45-47%.

Originally Posted by FreezingTsmoove
Austin Rivers is still the starter. No use hyping up a backup PG even though I think hes a bit better than Austin

But Austin is the SG
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