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Default Re: Jae Crowder isnít a two-way player..

We can't hold Crowder to the standard of guys like MJ, Leonard, Bron, Kobe, Hondo, Wade, West etc. two way wise! LMAO! Or guys like Pippen, Klay, etc. He's more along the lines of guys like a Battier, Ariza, etc. Those guys will give u more scoring than a Bowen or Tony Allen.

BUT they aren't great two way players either. To be a great two way guy on the highest level, u gotta be a very good to great scorer AND great defender in one. However in this league, being able to defend multiple positions well AND shooting 40% from the three while hitting 100+ of them is valuable. Especially on the Cavs with Bron. Those two facets right there will make Bron's life a lot easier! Crowder can be a three point threat AND stay on the court to take the heat off Bron defensively.

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