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Default Re: It wasn't just one shooter and he wasn't firing from 32nd floor

Originally Posted by rezznor
the Vegas strip is full of nutcases though. jesus freaks and the like.

maybe so. I didn't like Vegas so I didn't spend much time there. Never have gone back.

I believe in stuff like that being possible, premonitions etc... I think it's a blessing for you guys to be like o it's just crazy people. Sure you can say that if it doesn't happen, but if it does happen, then I'm not gonna be forgetting that moment.

But like I said I've talked to a few crazy people as well and nobody has ever told me I was gonna die or generally said anything that was predicting tragedy in my life. Thankfully. People have wished ill on me, but not like they were trying to tell me something bad was going to happen.

Edit: and true enough I don't hang out in big cities among large crowds, so that could be something haha. Maybe all you big city folk have a different experience than me.

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