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Default Re: It wasn't just one shooter and he wasn't firing from 32nd floor

The two shots in those vids (initial one, then one around 40 seconds or so), are too far apart to be "an echo" (not to mention they are a different number of shots), and sound like they've come from quite different locations--either there was another shooter, or some cop shot for some reason, or both. If you listen to the police communication on the night they state "at least 2 shooters", and now the LVPD chief states he doesn't think it possible that the suspect acted alone. The lack of casings is also strange, as is all the unspent ammo, considering there was about 50 mins between the end of the shooting and the breach.

Plenty of reason to be suspicious of the official narrative, especially the shadiness of the person in question, who was very wealthy, a bit of a ghost, and had ties to the government, a defense contractor, and even a possible link intelligence (plane he owned, see here: More than a few things don't add up, and at the very least this is completely atypical for a mass shooting, and anyone who isn't asking questions, and dancing around singing about "conspiritards" are proving themselves to be nothing but a bunch of credulous sheep-people.

Your government slaughters people all over the world, and you seem to think the fact they might lie to you beyond the pale--how ****ing braindead can you be? Americans who still trust their criminal 3 letter agencies obviously don't know anything about their history.

Vegas police recently said: "Las Vegas Gunman was living a secret life which we still don't understand."

If that's true then how could the FBI dismiss the ISIS link so quickly? A lot of effort seems to be going to push the "random crazy guy snaps" narrative which at this point has no evidence for it (if it was him it wasn't a snap but deliberate, calculated, and well planned and thought out)--nor is it born out by the past shooters of this type, none of whom were anything like Paddock.
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