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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Nice one should be repped.

Originally Posted by TheMan
Bullshit ya bum, most Mexicans who are recent arrivals are going back, it's been that way for more than a decade. Illegals nowadays are most likely from Central and South America crossing the US/Mexico border or Asians who overstay their visas, but I wouldn't expect some hick claiming to be a doctor to be cultured and read enough to know this, put your KKK hood off to a side and click on that link, educate yourself moron.

Mexico is the eleventh strongest economy in the world, dipshit, not bad when you take into account that there are almost 200 nations. We aren't as strong as the US, but then no country on earth is. Our economic problems start with the distribution of wealth (much like the US is heading right in that direction) and government corruption (also happening in the US).

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