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Default Re: Anti-abortion GOP Congressman retires after asking Mistress to get one

Originally Posted by NumberSix
This guy isn't a conservative, he's a Republican. Republican voters are well aware that these guys are fakes. Why do you think Republican voters voted for Trump? Because Republican voters have no faith in their own party.

I've been telling y'all for years. People on the right hate the Republican Party even more than you lefties do.

Why did they vote for the biggest fake of them all? You tell me.

You just gave the best example of how full of shit conservatives are. Trump represents damn near everything Jesus preached against, yet evangelical Christians were among his biggest supporters. Trump's lifetime of bankruptcies and fraudulent schemes (Trump University) were similarly dismissed by fiscal conservatives.

The Far Right was the only subgroup that didn't abandon its so-called ideals when they voted for Trump. They wanted a bigoted POS, and they got one.
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