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Default Re: Anti-abortion GOP Congressman retires after asking Mistress to get one

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
You are dumber than a box of rocks aren't you?

Your short memory or your flat out denial of reality, would have you remember that Barry Banana (Obama) scolded Christians every chance he got. So regardless of how vile and vulgar Donald Trump may be, he is certainly not an enemy to the Christian faith as Obama was. The man literally sat in a church to listen to a reverend insult the hell out of the United States, White people, etc.

Yeah, Obama was mean to us - - let's vote for the "grab em by the *****" guy instead!

What the hell kind of stupid argument is this? Or are you deflecting again?

There were over a dozen Republican candidates to choose from, yet Christian leaders like Falwell Jr chose the most immoral one of all. Evangelicals are FOS and so are you.
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