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Default Re: Anti-abortion GOP Congressman retires after asking Mistress to get one

Originally Posted by UK2K
You know, there are plenty of Republicans (or those that lean right) that aren't religious, yeah?
You mean fiscal conservatives? They're almost as FOS as evangelicals - - notice how they have nothing to say about the $180 million in costs Trump has racked up vacationing and playing golf.

When Cheney said "deficits don't matter" he was right. Conservatives rarely mentioned it from 2001-2008. Then they were a huge deal to from 2009-2016, and now they don't matter again in 2017.

And, voting for someone because they're the same religion as you is about as stupid as voting for someone because they have the same skin color as you.

It has nothing to do with Trump's religious faith or lack thereof - - the man represents everything Jesus found abhorrent in human beings. Any doubts about the hypocrisy of the Christian Right were erased when they aligned with Trump.

Also, the Republican Party fancies itself as the family values party, protectors of good old-fashioned Leave It to Beaver Americana. Millions of non-religious conservative voters view themselves the same way. Yet they voted for a man who dumped two of his wives for the mistresses he was banging, and openly admitted to walking in on teenage girls in their dressing rooms. Nice.

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