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Default Re: It's October Trump haters

Originally Posted by TheMan
No shit, the rich are reaping all the benefits of record breaking stocks market, but unless that translates to higher wages for the rest of us, the American people will punish the GOP much like they did to the Democrats. We also saw record breaking stocks market under Obama after GWB's disastrous economy but the majority of the American people didn't benefit from it and they sure showed their displeasure at the ballot box. You guys won't be immune to that either so don't toot your horn just yet.

See what happens when you call out a snowflake for being dead wrong. Thread is about the markets and they keep bringing up wages. Wages are rising, although slower than we would all like. And here's news for you: wages were stagnant during the entirety of Obama's reign. As for the market only benefitting the wealthy UK and I have been reaping benefits from investments and you could hardly call us rich.

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