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Default Re: White House committee approves funding: Not one, but TWO WALLS

Originally Posted by dude77
phantomfggt now if stock market was tanking: trump obviously

phantomfggt now when it's doing well: not trump obviously
seethe fggt seethe .. President Trump, repeat it over and over ..

also proving you're dumb .. latino =/= white or not white .. there are lilly ass white latinos .. some even whiter than some gringos

And copy what you do while you finger your asshole? No thanks, Trumptard.


That's you in the middle, groupie.

The Dow Jones has increased 13% since Trump took over. It increased by 140% under Obama.

The bar is set so low for the Shitstain-in-chief, Trumptards are losing their minds over a modest 13% gain in stocks, in an economy still operating under Obama's last budget.
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