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The Magic are a trash
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Default Re: Nets fans: "Thank you Magic for the (assist)" D-Lo > Ball

Originally Posted by BigKAT
It's very easy to be a Lakers Fan, isn't it?
Even when things are bad, you know that eventually you'll return to the top. There's always a Kareem, a Shaq, a Lebron, a free agency rescue wheel to band with the homegrown talent of Magic, Kobe and perhaps even Lonzo, who knows.

(Lebron is not a sure thing yet though. Who knows.)

But just because you chose the easy path, does not mean you should think any less of these who have didn't.

This is how it sometimes feel when I see bandwogoners, or even longtime fans of the 'Easy' teams try to use their teams past success to look superior to fans of less successful franchises.

So enjoy rooting for the Lakers. You'll probably see another championship before me. You'll probably get a massive free agent signing. Karl Anthony Towns probably won't retire as a lifetime Wolf.

But that doesn't change what you are.

Why are there 2 Lakers and patriots
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