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Default Re: Hispanics want first world treatment - but want to stay laborers

Originally Posted by TheMan
You ****ing bum, deflect is all ya got

Not only does Mexico have US companies, they also have Japanese, Korean, French, British, Italian, German, Spanish multinational companies. Trump tried to intimidate Merkel about German investments in Mexico and Germany told him fukk off, just like Mexico keeps telling Trump to fukk off, they ain't paying for Trump's wall. Enjoy paying for that wall, Cletus

Do you see why all those first world countries are building in mexico? What's their average workers wage vs mexicos? Who are there biggest trade partners?

Answer: 1) No, you're a moron 2) Mexican worker wage is lower than their wage 3) USA

Use common sense chicopito pedro, it will take you places further than the fruit field teo and tia once thought of crossing
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