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Default Re: It's October Trump haters

Originally Posted by UK2K
Did I say that?

I said after six years, his policies were fully implemented.

So how did the market do in year seven and eight?

His policies were implemented long before then, wtf?

2015 was a rough year for stocks (2016 saw 13.4% growth, similar to 2017), but 2015 marked the third straight year of +2 million job gains, something not seen since the Clinton administration. To hell with the Dow Jones.

Trump's best month for job growth (so far) was 232k. Obama surpassed that 8x in 2015.

This is a silly argument anyway - - Trump has yet to pass a single piece of legislation that would affect the economy in a meaningful way. He's like the ISIS of presidents, desperately trying to take credit for shit he had nothing to do with.
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