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Default Re: Driverless Cars to hit Phoenix public roads VERY soon

Originally Posted by Nanners
of course they are. according to google the average UPS driver makes 75k a year. if a self driving truck costs less than 75k, its already paid for itself within a year of replacing the human driver. if a self driving truck costs 250k, it pays for itself within 5 years. on top of that, they would also stand to save a ton of money on things like insurance, benefits, etc...

It's not just as simplistic as spend 250k per vehicle and it's done with. They will have to revamp their whole operation. When you start factoring in the salaries of the engineers you are paying to innovate and develop the new technology needed for full automation then it is going to run into the tens if not hundreds millions with a huge risk if the project doesn't go as planned.
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