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Default Re: Google Launches New Overpriced Shit to Rival Apple

Originally Posted by Proctor
Everybody knows you. How? Because you run a diary here in the OTC where you claim to be a wealthy doctor, when you openly admitted you didn't know what an MRI was, claimed you decked out a 30k car with Chinese seat covers, and spend hours a day in blocks here while claiming in another thread that with all your appointments you project to make a half million dollars.

Your only "appointment" is bouncing around thread to thread and crafting which lie to tell next.

No one is asking you or anyone to believe me. You retards act as if I've never posted an image before when i've been as transparent as it comes without revealing my identity.

in any case - who ar eyou again and why are you following me in every thread? Our conversations in each thread starts with you quoting me.... why?
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