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Default Re: Jeremy Lin Destroys KMart on Twitter

Lin bodied him with the Chinese tattoos.
Imitation is flattery.

I understand both perspectives, but agree with Lin, it's a signb of cultural respect for the levels of taste in another's culture. Kmart thought Chinese calligraphy styles were dope, so he got them tatted on him. Lin thinks dreads are dope, so he grew them out, and waxed/burned them in. It's a literal equivalent, of respective appreciation via appropriation.

African Americans have seen others get recognized for lots of their cultural contributions, and that history created a situation where many are oversensitive about any non-sub-saharan-african, imitating them.

Was there a time Europeans got upset, when sub-saharan-africans began to lighten thier hair, or did asians get upset when sub-saharan-africans started chemically straghtening their hair ?

It's flattery, anyone should be proud someone else thought they were beautiful and wanted to copy them.


Almost everyone with any hint of Sulphur bond in their hair, wore dreads 5,000 years ago.

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