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Default Re: Google Launches New Overpriced Shit to Rival Apple

Originally Posted by dunksby
The ugly Google Pixel 2 comes with a regular 1080p screen, with the same camera, a weak non-removable battery and no memory card slot. Here comes the best part, base model (64gb) priced at $650 / €800 / 630

And..... *drumroll*

iphone 8 has 1334 x 750 resolution, pixel 2 1920 x 1080
iphone 8 2gig ram, pixel 2 4gig ram
iphone 8 4.7in screen, pixel 2 5in
pixel 2 better camera on both rear and front
iphone 8 battery 1821mAh, pixel 2 2700mAh
iphone 8 costs $50 extra

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