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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
He's a 3rd option. A defensive beast who will chip in offensively but your comparing him to players who you can build an offense around. You can build around Towns, you can't build around Nurkic.

Comparing Jokic/Nurkic is silly. Jokic started beside him than came off the bench. Nuggets were a trainwreck. Nuggets switched them and were 1 game away from the playoffs. Jokic literally stole Nurkic's job and made him expendable because they can't play together. Nurkic is better defensively but there not even in the same conversation offensively. We have a direct comparison seeing as how they played the same position on the same team. When guys play with Jokic there spike in shooting efficiency is wild.

Nurkic is going to be great for Portland. Depending on the depth of the position a potential All-Star some day but he doesn't belong in the same conversation as the other 3 who will be franchise players if they stay healthy.
They both couldn't play together and their impact went way up when not togethers they performed better. Portland was dead in the water until Nurkic came along
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