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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
They're the system and yet none of them led their teams to the playoffs.

Nurkic showed up and the Blazers turned their season around and got into the playoffs. Not bad for being a system player.

I'll take the guy that actually made the playoffs.

Except Nurkic started for the Nuggets and they were a trainwreck because overall there defense is brutal. Nurkic's DBPM was 1.0 with Denver and 3.8 with Portland. Jokic's DBPM was 2.0 with Denver. Denver is just comical defensively, even worse than what was an awful defensive team in Portland. Offensively .. not sure there's a single stat the suggests Nurkic is even close to Jokic.

Nurkic started the season the Nuggets were far away from the playoffs, Jokic steals his spot and the Nuggets finish 1 game out of the playoffs but with Jokic they were on pace to steal that spot. Had Jokic started game 1 at C without Nurkic the Nuggets make the playoffs . You can't even argue that. It literally just happened. Had Jokic not stole Nurkic's spot we would have won like 30 games.
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