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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by RoseCity07
I actually read a post on Denver Stiffs about Nurkic. They were like 10-19 or something with him starting. Then something like 18-15 with Yokic. I expected something like a little better than near .500 ball.

Actually they were something like 9-16 with Nurkic starting at C. With Jokic they were way better. Defensively they were trash either way. Offensively? Nuggets had a top 3 offense statistically with Jokic starting. In games where Jokic plays 30 minutes or more? There record is far above .500.

Impact, numbers, basically every metric the difference is pretty noticeable. I mean Jokic straight up dogged Nurkic. Stole his spot. Made Nurkic throw a hissy and asked to get traded. I like Nurkic, he'll be really good. I wish Malone was a better coach and could have made it work. No denying that Jokic made him his bitch tho. Nurkic literally asked to be traded because he knew he couldn't steal his spot back. His agent knew he was on back up duty for the next decade unless he got outta there.

Could Nurkic be a better 3rd option? We'll see. One can have an offense built around them, an offense that ranked top 3, the other not so much.
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