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Default Re: 2017-18 ISH World Soccer Discussion

Originally Posted by qrich
Syria keeping it's World Cup dreams alive, holding the Aussies to a 1-1 draw. Hope they get in!

Some big games with implications throughout the rest of the world as well. Got my quick write-up here

Montenegro vs Denmark for the possible playoff slot in Group E should be fun. Both sides are equal on points and goal tally. Scotland vs Slovakia in Group F as well.

CONMEBOL has a huge match-up with Argentina & Peru, as their tied for the fifth guaranteed slot. Chile, a point back, plays Ecuador while Paraguay goes up against Colombia.

Group D, G & I write-ups.

I watched 40 mins of that game before going to bed just after Kruse got the 1-0 goal.

Couldn't believe Australia only scored one. They were getting quite a bit of chances.

Just saw the penalty. Man that was garbage.

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