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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
And the Nuggets dominated the Warriors one game, who cares? Who builds there team based on 1 game? .. I've also already pointed out that Nurkic had a DBPM of 1 with Denver, Jokic's was higher. Nurkic's was higher in Portland and no doubt the better defender but offensively it's not even close.

I don't even understand the argument. We seen Nurkic as the starter, and we saw Jokic. Same situation. Same team. Nurkic was literally traded because of it. His agent, Nurkic himself, wanted out because of Jokic. Nurkic was never going to start and he knew it. All the drama started because Jokic stole his spot and the Nuggets starting thriving. Even Nurkic with Portland .. everything points to Jokic being far better. As of right now there's zero argument for Nurkic. Everything says Jokic. In Denver, in Portland, doesn't matter.

I like Nurkic, wish him well, and think he'll be great behind C.J/Dame. Denver/Portland will be neck and neck. Take away Dame/C.J and Portland would be one of the worst teams in the league. 1 player is the franchise guy, you build an offense around, the other is a guy who's a good defender that is a very good starter for your team.
He was traded because they couldn't play them toghter. I blame the coach, but Nurkic is a far superior defender.

If you took away Denver best two perimeter players they would suck too. Also I think Nuggets have the bette r team obviously with adding milesap. So i see Denver winning more games. Denver is very deep.
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