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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by Dr. Cheesesteak
So? Question is who'd have a better season, which can be measured however you want. 15/12/3blks on 60%FG on a 55-W team is arguably better than a 24/10/1blk on 50%FG season on a 45-W team.

And they played .700 w/ him. Dude is a beast w/ the right team. I don't get why ppl are shitting on Nurkic. Does he belong in same convo as other 3? Maybe, maybe not. His opportunities and situations have always been different than them. And will probably stay that way this season. But his skill is almost 2nd-to-none.

I assume cuz he's no longer "young". And he doesn't have that magnetic personality the other big 4 have.
Sounds quite sustainable

No one is "shitting" on Nurkic, but it's insane to put him in the company of Towns/Jokic based off 20 games. Hell it even applies to Embiid since he was soooooooooooooooo much more dominant than Nurkic was.

How is he more skilled than Towns, Jokic or Embiid? Second to none?
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