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Default Re: Towns vs Embiid vs Jokic vs Nurkic

Originally Posted by FireDavidKahn
Another failure on your part. The only valid criticism of Demar is that he wilts in the play offs...which is what Thompson is also known for (15-16 notwithstanding).
Oh god, you're one of those that makes opinions based only on the playoffs, huh? Or even worse, only watch during the playoffs? You realize Derozan can't shoot or defend, right? And is a whiny little bitch who throws balls at refs?

Plus, how can a lowly 3rd option wilt during the playoffs? He only got like 13 attempts per game these past playoffs, after all. Footprint isn't that significant anyway, right?

Originally Posted by FireDavidKahn
Switch Thompson and Derozan over the past 4 years and both teams get worse.
I don't know man. I think Klay's ability to actually shoot, defend, and be a legit team player would benefit the Raptors quite nicely compared to Derozan.

You realize there's more to judging a player than just their scoring ability, right? Maybe not. After all, you did say "KAT is better than Nurkic in all facets of the game except *lists important non-scoring skills*" as your support of KAT > Nurkic
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