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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by Patrick Chewing
What do you guys think? Are they already at a disadvantage in their life due to the color of their skin? Or due to White Privilege?

I happen to think that everyone born today in this country already HAS the advantage over everyone else in the world. Everyone born today is born with a clean slate and has the more opportunities than those who were born yesterday.

What say you? Discuss.
It depends on where you grew up. A black kid who grew up rich in a white suburb arguably has even more of an advantage than his peers. A black kid who grew up in the projects? Almost doomed to fail. That’s the problem, the majority of these kids grow up in poverty and know nothing except drugs and violence. That applies to third world countries as well. You can’t expect an average person to beat the system because simply, they are average. We have a few people like Dr. Ben Carson who were able to rise through the cracks, but expecting everybody to follow his example is unrealistic. But back to the main point, being black can be a big disadvantage at times. Let’s be realistic. If someone were to apply for a simple job at lets say, target, if their name is DeMar Johnson vs someone that is named Walter Smith, I think we can safely assume who is more likely to be discriminated against, especially in the deep south. This can apply to any other race as well, because racism doesn’t just affect blacks. You could even have a case where a black manager doesn’t hire an employee because he’s white, but it would definitely be far less common than the reverse.
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