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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
A black child with no father in a poor neighborhood with little chance of college surrounded by drug violence is absolutely disadvantaged in comparison to a white kid in a nice neighborhood with college being a certainty.

And on that same note, a white child born in the backwoods of Kentucky to unemployed, drug addicted parents surrounded by poverty and no job prospects is absolutely disadvantaged in comparison to a black kid born to successful parents in an affluent neighborhood.

Only one of those two kids can ride the Affirmative Action train all the way to financial success.

A white kid born in poverty stricken Appalachia is more disadvantaged than a black kid born in the city with easy access to jobs, government agencies, public transportation, health clinics, and grocery stores.

But as Ben Simmons pointed out, everyone is disadvantaged in some way.
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