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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
In a vacuum, all things equal...same exact humans with same exact personality, same exact everything...EXCEPT one has black skin and the other has white skin?

I'd take my chances with the white skin...

Blacks are viewed down on by many, and that can be seen right here in ISH!!! Perhaps it can be argued that a black man has more help getting into college or something, but in the long run, over the decades or career time? The way white skin is viewed is going to open up more doors I think. Or you could say that doors are easier to open with white skin, whatever. Skin color changes perception, that is a FACT. Anyone saying otherwise isn't being realistic.

Kinda related, but not really....

I think if you're an attractive looking, well spoken black dude, you have a WAY easier time of getting hired for a job as opposed to a fat, ugly white dude.

I think your overall physical attractiveness has as much to do with being hired as your job skills in certain positions. Sales, for example. Recruiting, for another. My fiance is a recruiter, and all her co-workers are fairly attractive (like 6.5s and above). I don't think that's just a coincidence.

Obviously, a resume wouldn't display your attractiveness but an interview would.

Random side thought.
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