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Originally Posted by UK2K
There's a reason Aguayo was the only kicker taken in the draft that year.

Four kickers have been drafted in the past three years, and only one of them was taken before the 5th round.

The one who got cut.
The issue with drafting kickers early is not related to their importance. Denying the importance of a good kicker is just silly. The real reason kickers aren't drafted early is because it remains one of the toughest positions to evaluate at the college level. If you need evidence of this, just look at the list of the most accurate kickers in NCAA history.

Brett Baer (90%) - went undrafted and never played an NFL down
Alex Henery (89%) - lasted four years with a career 82% FG percentage
Roberto Aguayo (88%) - prolly out of the league in <2 years, 72% career FG percentage
Chris Manfridini (87%) - didn't make a team
Jeff Budzien (87%) - didn't attempt an NFL kick
Nate Freese (86%) - one season, career 43% FG percentage

and you can just keep going. There is only one player in the top 20 in NCAA FG % who went on to have a successful NFL career - Kai Forbath
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