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Default Struggling to Understand Luke Walton

Okay, I get it, his team ranked worst in defense. No Byron Scott, no excuses, new beginning etc etc.
Last year, he talked about "eventually" teaching elaborate defensive schemes, that they need to learn the basic ones first before proceeding to level 2 and so forth.
He chose to retain Metta to help establish that work ethic and defensive culture.
Team Added Luol Deng and his 19 Mil/yr.
He benched the very expensive Mozgov bec of his defensive deficiencies.
He limited his most efficient scoreer Lou Williams 19 pts at only 24 mins/game.
This summer, Magic shipped a noted defensive slacker DLo Russell to complete house cleaning. No Mozgov, no D'Lo, no Lou Will.
Day 3 training camp Luke said he hasn't even install any offensive sets yet, leading me to believe he's focusing establishing his defensive schemes the whole time.
Right now, the team looks like a mess offensively. Most players esp Ingram,KCP and Clarkson are waiting for the ball, eager to show what they have by freelancing, dribbling 3-4 times to force in shots.
No fluidity, leading to multiple mistakes and confusion and of course EASY BASKETS by the opponent.
Noted defensive minds like Thibs and Mike Malone's team ALSO STRUGGLED with defense the past 2 years now. With the current system with much improved 3pt shooting, I think it's a huge mistake trying to stamp your imprint by creating elaborate defensive schemes.
I truly believe Golden State was best in defense not solely because of great schemes but because of their length,BB IQ, and athleticism.
Gary Payton complained that Phil Jackson didn't focus on preparing on defense when he was with the Lakers....At the end of the day, come playoff time, it's no longer about having the most smart defensive plans that wins it all but will and determination IMO.
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