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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by tpols
you just took them off separate planes by making one a slob and one sharp. Reverse that and the argument would flip itself just as easily. Obama was everything you just described btw and doesnt stop you guys from calling him banana this that and all other sorts of racially charged hate spewed...

I was more pointing out the issue that its harder to get a job when you're ugly than to get a job if you're black.

And, slow down there, turbo. I liked Obama as a person. I still like him as a person. I think he was as presidential of a president as we've ever had. Smart, nice looking guy, polite, usually said the right thing.

But he had shit policies and he was a liar so there's that. I don't hate on him for the person he is, I hate on him for the president he was.

Stop trying to make everything about race, bruh.
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