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Default Re: Has there been a large scale tragedy since 9/11 where...

Originally Posted by Dresta
op is deranged if he thinks such things started with 9/11. This sort of thing basically goes back to the beginning of human history, but only in the past 50 years have idiots been brainwashed into dismissing common sense observations (like that powerful people lie and hide things for sinister reasons) as "conspiracies" (most American wars have required "conspiracies" of one sort or another to get the population to go along with them--look at the origins of the Iraq war, for a recent example)--and covert warfare has been the norm since the 1950s (what world are you living in?); the fact that some person makes a youtube vid about one ridiculous thing does not discredit any other event, each of which should be judged on their own merit--your logic here is just false and dishonest (or idiotic).

Ass Dan would've been there calling Cato a "conspiracytard" for suggesting that the first triumvirate had any ulterior motivations behind it. In history you see "conspiracies" everywhere (e.g. Caesar pretending he was attacked in Gaul first, William the Conquerer leaving England to bring about deliberate instability that he could then ruthlessly crush). Late Rome, for example, was just one conspiracy after another--do you think human beings suddenly changed or something?

firstly I would call him a 'conspiratard' but I cannot expect you to be a master language melder like myself.

Here is the thing young Drestard.

A conspiracy, one or two? yes

A false flag, perhaps in the oldie days, maybe now and again? yes

No one is saying it never happens, anyone who says 'always' or 'never' is simply failing in the game of adverbs. Life is Yin Yang, but life is not a black and white cookie (despite Jerry Seinfeld's wishes).

The 'conspiratards' (think Doomsday or Nic Yung) think EVERY event is a false flag, and you can guage their response as soon as the event happens.

It is sad, amateurish and predictable.

It also plays to a psychological derrangement where they feel a need to be 'in the know' or 'more informed' perhaps even wiser because of this.

It feeds the ugliest parts of their id.

Again, I am not saying it hasn't happened before, and it may well happen again.


I play the odds, and the odds are 99.9 of the time, shit happens.

Thinking everything is a ruse turns one into a joke. Does it not?

Surely you can wrap your head around that (between bites of your bacon sarnie and however much Super Tennents your dole affords you).
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