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Default Re: Has there been a large scale tragedy since 9/11 where...

Originally Posted by Ass Dan
firstly I would call him a 'conspiratard' but I cannot expect you to be a master language melder like myself.

Here is the thing young Drestard.

A conspiracy, one or two? yes

A false flag, perhaps in the oldie days, maybe now and again? yes

No one is saying it never happens, anyone who says 'always' or 'never' is simply failing in the game of adverbs. Life is Yin Yang, but life is not a black and white cookie (despite Jerry Seinfeld's wishes).

The 'conspiratards' (think Doomsday or Nic Yung) think EVERY event is a false flag, and you can guage their response as soon as the event happens.

It is sad, amateurish and predictable.

It also plays to a psychological derrangement where they feel a need to be 'in the know' or 'more informed' perhaps even wiser because of this.

It feeds the ugliest parts of their id.

Again, I am not saying it hasn't happened before, and it may well happen again.


I play the odds, and the odds are 99.9 of the time, shit happens.

Thinking everything is a ruse turns one into a joke. Does it not?

Surely you can wrap your head around that (between bites of your bacon sarnie and however much Super Tennents your dole affords you).

I have no problem with this perspective tbh. But yeah, the people who connived to get the US into Iraq, were very much like a cabal and did "conspire" to do so according to the dictionary definition. It's not like it's a hidden thing: they bragged about it in the books they wrote around that time.

I don't live in the UK btw, just fyi.

edit: would also say the sort of people who make everything into a conspiracy would make it easier to slip a real one or two by unnoticed. Governments love the phrase "conspiracy theory" for a reason (notice how Russia and the US accuse one another, and each reply back that the other's accusation is a "conspiracy theory")--there is little doubt the CIA has been involved in funnelling arms from Libya to Syria, yet they hide behind the aforementioned phrase. A real clever conspiracy would be to hire an Alex Jones or two to push their shit to discredit serious investigation by painting it all under the same brush.

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