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Default Re: Has there been a large scale tragedy since 9/11 where...

Originally Posted by Dresta
I have no problem with this perspective tbh. But yeah, the people who connived to get the US into Iraq, were very much like a cabal and did "conspire" to do so according to the dictionary definition. It's not like it's a hidden thing: they bragged about it in the books they wrote around that time.

I don't live in the UK btw, just fyi.

No UK? Damn, that's half my material.

Gulf War 2 was a 'shook' situation. The US had to do something, people were going crazy and out for blood, and Afghanistan wasn't enough. Once the UK was on board, the con was on. They justified it as tidying up a mess, not letting Uday and Kusay get the reigns and various other things.

My beef with the conspiratard mindset is not that. Its the idea that the government would shoot up 59 young, healthy people to ban guns.

Aside from it being ludicrous (most governors, and all branches of the federal government are NRA funded GOPers) its just f*cking sick.

It is SO F*CKING EASY to spin together a few off observations or misplaced quotes when everyone is running around scared and freaked the f*ck out, but spinning that shit into a conspiracy, saying reflecting lights is 4th floor gunshots and all that crap.

SICK F*CKING PEOPLE. and sick because they do it every time, like clockwork.
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