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Default Re: Has there been a large scale tragedy since 9/11 where...

Originally Posted by Nick Young
Nice ad hominem attacks, straw man associations and attempts at non sequitur humor, John Oliver. Keep it up. I notice that you did not address any of the factual information and truth contained in the image and instead lashed out by personally attacking me.

You're not really helping your case, slugger.

Your whole existance is an ad hominen attack. Your ruse fails if we are not helpless libtard drones who wallow rudderlessly through life, with you or likeminded tards being the only truthseers.

How did gun control work in Australia in 1996? Genocide? Prison state?

In South Africa in 2000?



To excuse some of the most brutal dictatorial governments in history for their actions and blame it all on 'gun control' takes a special kind of agenda driven stupid, or...just another Nic Yung post...

Keep it up, sport!
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