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Default Re: Would you be in favor of a shorten regular season?

Cut the number of games by over 25% and prices are going to sky rocket, especially the marquee teams. And they are already out of control for many fans. AND there will be less games on TV.

So ask yourself, do you want to pay more for the same bullshit? Teams are still going to rest players periodically. Guys are still going to get injured.

I remember the Minnesota vs Golden State game last year. Tight game, GS made a tough basket with like 10 seconds left. Minnesota got the rock and Wiggins drove baseline and got fouled (tough call, didn't look like a foul to me.) Wiggins made both throws and won the game, the ****in entire GS side was crying, everyone. Kerr even went to the press conference talking shit. The next day GS had a national TV game. They sat their stars, All of them. Coincidence? **** outta here. It was a blatant middle finger to the league for the blown call.
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