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Default Re: Liberals. Gather around and tell me about the current genocide going on in the US

Originally Posted by TheMan
You are literally the biggest dumbass here who falls for the whole Right vs Left paradigm. There are both good and bad people in each side of the political spectrum. There are both good and bad ideas too. And most of us believe in some Right and Left wing ideas. I'm a liberal but I also have some conservative viewpoints (Americans have the right to bear arms but it is not a right without limits, I'm a traditional family values person, transgender is an illness, not a new gender at all). Most people are like this, even though they identify with a political party, most do not agree 100% with the party they align with but with most of the policies.

You seem to be a mindless little doofus who believes conservatives are 100% correct and liberals are 100% wrong. IRL, that is simply impossible.

Grow up.

Now TheMan wants to prop himself up as a paragon of impartiality

Saying you're somewhat impartial is more than just lip service and patting yourself on the back. You actually have to show you're impartial. I have made posts and topics criticizing the right but that doesn't matter here. What I said was that people on the left are much more likely to perpetrate hoaxes and that conservatives tend to be more family oriented and work for a living. If you don't believe that then who's really the dumbass?
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