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Default Re: Liberals. Gather around and tell me about the current genocide going on in the US

Originally Posted by SunsN07BookIt
Now TheMan wants to prop himself up as a paragon of impartiality

Saying you're somewhat impartial is more than just lip service and patting yourself on the back. You actually have to show you're impartial. I have made posts and topics criticizing the right but that doesn't matter here. What I said was that people on the left are much more likely to perpetrate hoaxes and that conservatives tend to be more family oriented and work for a living. If you don't believe that then who's really the dumbass?
I never claimed to be impartial, I claim to have mostly progressive viewpoints but I also have some conservative viewpoints, huge difference.

I don't have to prove shit to you bro, unless you're an alt, you haven't been here long enough to know that no one here will accuse me of being a SJW, anti gun, pro illegal alien, fggot loving lib.

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