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Default Re: Active shooter(s) at Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas

Originally Posted by Dresta
[b]What are you talking about you complete cretin? Do you do anything except "peddle" inane soundbites and political catchphrases? You are one of those personality-less people, utterly devoid of any individuality or ability to think their own thoughts--as Orwell put it you "think in slogans and talk in bullets"--you are basically braindead.

Saying the official story is unusual, matches no historical pattern, and doesn't add up, is simply a statement of fact--I don't claim to know what happened, unlike you; I only don't blindly lap up whatever i'm fed like a kind of mindless animal, again, unlike you.

@ this wannabe free thinker. You conspiracy theorists are all alike. The real sheep.

Did you find anything unusual about the Paris attacks? San Bernardino? Orlando? Nice?

Of course not, the official narratives were just fine and dandy after those incidents - - they bolstered your xenophobic, anti-multiculturalism agenda. Everything added up just fine after those attacks, didn't they dickhead?
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