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Default Re: Media is pushing this Westbrook is better than Curry narrative

Originally Posted by dirkdiggler41
In a playoff series where both teams are equal I would pick Westbrook. He got the size and athletic ability to play good defence against Curry. On the other end, Westbrook will get his because of Curry's defence. In all other situation I pick Curry.

It's almost like Deron Williams vs. Chris Paul back in the day. William almost always outplayed Chris Paul, even if Paul was the better player.
There's never been a moment where Dumbbrook has been better than Curry for 3 straight seasons now. I would have thought people would have gotten the point with him beating his ass every time they play, but I guess not. Dumbbrook is not even in the same class as Curry, he's in the Harden and Kawhi level for now.
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