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Default Re: It's October Trump haters

Originally Posted by UK2K
There were over 100,000 jobs lost in JUST the hospitality industry from the hurricanes.

Without the hurricanes, their estimates would have been pretty spot on.

Are you sure it's just the hurricanes that are a problem?

the number of international visitors in the U.S. during the first three months of 2017 fell by roughly 700,000, compared with last year.*There was a 4.2% decrease overall in international tourism, with an even bigger drop among travelers from Europe, whose numbers fell 10.1% for the quarter.

... the*Global Business Travel Association*anticipated that international business travel to the U.S. would decline as well.

But because it would be months before official tourism numbers for early 2017 would become available, these reports were all just theoretical.

Now, however, we know that international tourism in the U.S. did indeed fall.*In addition to Commerce Department data, a separate*Travel Trends Index*report published in early September also shows that the predicted slump has become a reality, with particularly "drastic" drops in international visitors in February and March—down 6.8% and 8.2%, respectively.

The hospitality industry would definitely suffer due to a decline in tourism. Just sayin'.

Like I said, we've had some terrible disasters in recent years affecting multiple states, yet the economy always managed to grow. Katrina alone dwarfs Harvey and Irma in scale and devastation.

Today's report could just be an outlier, I think it is. But blaming it on the hurricanes seems like a poor excuse.

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