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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by red1
I know you're trolling but if the point you're making is that blame is not constructive then you're 100% right. OP had a good point too:

Generally speaking this is very true. The media will never remind anyone but this is the greatest era for knowledge, a great era to build a business and prosper, people are more accepting of each other than they've ever been despite the political divisions, etc etc. I think humanity is in the best shape it's ever been despite all of the ways we still have to evolve.
Not trolling, but thanks for the added insight. I agree with your reply to chewing. WELL SAID.

Blame is only constructive if the guilty party is blaming THEMSELVES. The idea that slavery and discrimination from many decades ago is pinned on white people today for why many black people TODAY - tons of years later - still have an epidemic within their community of violence, drugs, and poverty is preposterous beyond belief and defies basic logic.

There is no epidemic within the other races of people who immigrated over here and were discriminated against... had no financial advantages..etc.

Nope, it's only the black community that screams so loud about these so-called issues today and the so-called "system" holding them back.

I swear to God we're being watched by Aliens who giggle at the race of people on Earth who play the collective victim card to survive in society via social manipulation. Black people as a whole are employing a certain social strategy. That's all that this race shit is about. They are trying to manipulate and cheat their way to the top without actually earning it through innovation and technology

It's a weird, transformative time for humans, man. I wish I could stick around for another 10,000 years to watch this shit play out

You think they have tivo in the afterlife?
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