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Default Re: Media is pushing this Curry vs Westbrook narrative

In a playoff series, with similar talent surrounding them, Westbrook would eat Curry's lunch and beat him over the skull with his power rangers lunch box. Curry is incredibly soft and easily shut-down in the playoffs by physical defense and constant pressure

This year Westbrook will finally be able to assert some level of defense in the playoffs plus will also be able to get better looks on offense due to having George/Anthony space the floor and draw attention away from him.

Westbrook will dominate Curry in similar way to how LeBron has dominated him for 3 straight years in the finals. His size, strength, athleticism, and high motor will devastate Curry on both ends while Steph employs the Lamelo Ball style of play - throw up shots from 35 feet and hope they fall

It's not even close, Westbrook is 20x better than Steph
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