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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?

Originally Posted by Orlando Magic
Bullshit... explain Africa.

Wealth is determined by drive and IQ(excluding inheritance)... wealth does not determine drive and IQ... sorry, that's not how that works...

Sure, nurture is important in a child's early years and that will limit the potential IQ of an individual if not properly cared for and invested in, that much is true... but... nature is still a huge part and a bigger factor overall in terms of potential IQ.

Speaking on averages...

Asians are the smartest race.
Whites are second.
Hispanics are third.
Blacks are fourth.

These are facts. They aren't racist... they're facts. Of course there are exceptions and anyone that would take those statements as absolute truths for every individual within said races is an idiot. We're speaking in generalities. Stereotypes become stereotypes because there's often a large amount of truth behind them, fyi...

Whites have the highest combination of drive and intelligence which is why they are globally dominant economically and militarily, despite the fact that asians are smarter. Whites didn't get there because of white privilege and a systemic set of global racism, lol... <- if a white dude came out and said that shit publicly he would get roasted so hard... I like it when other "minorities" are able to freely speak truth.
Excellent post.

Asian dude just roasting the Africans with no filter. Just truth bombs as powerful as hiroshima being thrown at the defenseless black man

That's the look of a man facing the truth. We need more of that in America.
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