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Default Re: So is a Black baby born today already at a disadvantage?


Wealth is determined by drive and IQ... wealth does not determine drive and IQ... sorry, that's not how that works...

Wealth makes drives and IQ a lot less important. You think it was drive and IQ that got George bush jr into Yale?

One or two driven intelligent family members can set up a family for generations. In America....being driven and intelligent for a black male wasn't anything close to as likely to result in wealth as it is now until what....the 70s at best?

Drop me in 1960 I'm not nearly as likely to be what I am. Wouldn't make that version of me less intelligent. Hell drop me in Liberia at birth I wouldn't be either. Nobody would have taught me to read and I'd have probably been a soldier in general butt nakeds army of heroin addicted children....

You aren't just destined to be what your mental potential will allow. Idiot have run countries and geniuses die every day and get buried in unmarked graves.
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