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Originally Posted by Perezident
that trade doesnt make better only worse........jeff whoo???? what a loser..... lets talk about real trades.......we all know we hate kennny thomas.... so i was up all night trying to figure out a good possible trade that makes sense and could atleast make us look like we want to win a champion ship.(yesss by trading dead ass kenny thomas) how about trading kenny thomas along with the stubin of an ******* jason hart to huston for juan howard...... he gives us that veteran leadership quality that we need he hits that spot up 18 fter..... and hes way bigger and stronger alot older n wiser than kenny thomas rebounds better and can contribute alot more than him....also jason hart could be their point guard they need so.."DESPERATELY" cuz u onli would aquire hart if ur desperate.....pooor pooor kings give me some feed back ~23

This trade makes sense for both sides and it works if you use bob sura.
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