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Originally Posted by WoGiTaLiA1
Adriana is a god...

Her, Alba and Scarlett are just dreamlike.

Like **** you would dump her... You would sell everything you own for a pair of plane tickets to Las Vegas and wifey her. I know this because I would for certain. I dont care if she makes me wear skirts if Im tapping that. That simple.

Not trying to be difficult here, but I really don't see the big deal about Lima. She's an attractive woman for sure, but Scarlett has faaaaaaaaaar more sex appeal to me. I like her body better as well. More voloptuous.

As for your comment on dumping her, she said she wasn't having sex until she got married. So what's the point? Not like you're getting anywhere with her unless you tie the knot. Further, Halle Berry's been dumped and cheated on. so have plenty hot women. Being hot is no guarantee of keeping a man.

Also, take back what you said mavsfan:

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