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Default Re: Help: I suck at 2k8

Originally Posted by lovethetriangle
Here's the situation:

I'm not a gamer.

The last time I played a video game was NBA live 05' on the PS2 and I was never hardcore, just a casual semi solid player. Before that, it was NBA live yearly.

Recently bought the 360 and realized how tough games have become in the sense that each one practically has a learning curve.

Can anyone help me out with 2k8? I want to at least contend at the hall of fame level.

I'd appreciate any tip at all.


Practice makes perfect. Especially if you haven't played since the Genesis days. Realize that you're a beginner and start off at the easiest difficulty. Try playing practice mode so you can practice shooting with the analog stick until it becomes routine. If worse comes to worse, try using a team with a strong interior presence and work on feeding it down low--using the agressive button, you can get a lot of easy dunks with players such as Garnett, D-Ho, and Yao.

Also, one thing that you can exploit is the drive and kick out. Tap the agressive button and your player will do a little crossover and usually fake out the defender, especially on lower difficulties. Drive right past him and kick it out to an open teammate when their defender leaves to guard you. I use it all day with Marbury driving and kicking to either Q-Rich or Jamaal Crawford.
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