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Default Re: The Pistons still seem 'very good' but not great

I agree, don't throw this on Stuckey. I think it's on the coaches. Both Boston and Detroit have veterans who know how to win games and practically coach themselves. The East is all about being healthy and hitting stride come playoff time. Any team that limps into the playoffs will be easy pickings for a healthy team of veterans, whether that team is Detroit or Boston. Boston's starters are playing 40 minutes per game, while Detroit's starters are around 30-35. It'll make a difference during the home stretch in March and April.

Also, look at the coaching. Doc and Flip both have great starters, but some relative unknowns on their bench. The coach that can better integrate their bench and youth will be the team that can win the 8 minutes or so when the starters aren't dominating the game.
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