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Default Re: introduce yourself Cavs fans

Gender: male

Age: 28

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Current Residence: Sydney, Australia

Occupation: Poker player

Hobbies (other than basketball): Poker, NBA, NFL, MBL, reading, boxing, surfing, music

My Teams: Cavs, Browns and Indians

Movies: Rounders, Remember the Titans

TV Shows: any sport

Music: Ben Harper, Xavier Rudd, Powderfinger ... too many to list.

Books: Dan Harrington on Hold Em Series

What you bring to ISH: A long suffering Cleveland sports fan now living with some hope of success! LONG LIVE KING JAMES!

I have long endured the plight of being a Cleveland sports fan though have been appreciative of the efforts of guys like Bernie Kosar, Brad Daughterty and the like.

LeBron James is a god-send to my hometown.

This kid is going to be breaking a whole lot of records (already 5th with 8930 points on Cleveland All-time Leading scorers list) though the one I am most looking toward is this: how many rings baby?

My occupation affords me some opportunities, my most prized posessions (outside the signed Bernie Kosar jersey and helmet) are the framed/signed LeBron James jersey's I have. One from high school and one from his rookie season with a signed ball (that cost me an arm and leg).

Let's hope he is back on the court sooner rather than later!
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