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I think people really underestimate the value of Gooden.

He has been a very large part of our rebounding stats, and when he is "on" a real bear. I saw no one on the free market who has this ability with the occasional offensive game that came within the flow of the game.

Having said that, I think the difference between what the Cavs are offering and the Nene contract, is too large to overcome.

I expect a sign and trade. I don't expect one soon though.

As for DJ, I was pleased that he finally realized near the end of the season to penetrate a bit and put up an occasional shot within the three point line. Don yell also started playing an in and out game. That to me was most encouraging.

Luke Jackson hasn't had much of a chance with all his injuries, but he lacks the defensive side of his game. Sasha also is lacking in defensive skills.
I do like Graham. Newble...well lets say I have been disappointed.

I don't see much change in the roster other than a replacement or two and don't forget there will be three invitees to camp. Shannon Brown, Gibson, Hunter and maybe Sharrod Brown.
Shannon and Gibson are sure to make the roster, and I would't be surprised if a third makes it also. Someone will have to be dropped or traded.

I kinda expect both Z and Gooden to be with the team until at least December. After that... who knows.

I seem to be waiting like everyone else for something to happen.
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